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Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

The teenage years are the most exciting time for the teens that have a new sense of independence in the car, whether it is neither a new driver nor a passenger in a friend’s car. Therefore, teens say that their parents are their best source for education and driver training.

The following are the safety tips for the teenage driver,

Turn off the phone and put it in the glove box

Up to about six in ten traffic accidents involving teens involves distracted driving, however according to new research which was commissioned by the American Automatic Association, where cell phones are by far the most common source of distraction.

Respect the speed limit

Excessive speed is a factor in a significant number of crashes especially among the teens who may not understand how to intuitively feel the speed they are driving or who are still learning how to accelerate properly. When riding along with teen drivers, make sure to point out any time they exceed the speed limit by more than a few miles per hour so that they learn to continuous self-monitor their speed as they drive.

Zero tolerance to alcohol

Teen drivers are less likely than adults to drink and drive, yet they are affected much more when they do so. However, emphasis in the most compelling way you can that for teens, a single drink can result in a major impairment and severe consequences and that they should always seek a safe ride.

Avoid unnecessary lane changes

Irresponsible lane changes especially those that stem from aggressive rather than defensive driving, are another cause of many accidents involving teens. Parents should therefore stress the risks of driving behaviours such as weaving between lanes in an effort to get ahead, cutting off other drivers and also dangerous passing.

Watch the weather

Poor conditions are the contributing factor in a large number of accidents and teens drivers are especially vulnerable because they will not have had much practice dealing with difficult conditions such as now, ice and fog.

Avoid harsh cornering

Practically every city and town has a dead man’s curve, which means a sharp bend that ensnares careless drivers. Teens drivers should be taught the proper way to navigate a corner is to brake prior to the corner when the wheels are still straight. The helps to avoid traction loss that can leave a vehicle skidding out of control at sharp bends.

Practice defensive driving

Teens should be always aware of the traffic ahead, behind, and also next to them and also possible escape routes in mind. Staying at least one car length behind the car in front of them in slower speeds and also maintains a larger buffer zone with faster speeds.

Turn on headlights

Using the headlights increases your visibility and helps other drivers see you, even when you feel like it is light out. Therefore, in early morning and early evening, you need to use your lights or other driver might not see you which actually are disastrous.

In conclusion, there is no substitute for driving experience and the wisdom that age brings but by applying the above tips, will enhance the odds which will not become a teenage driver accident statistic.

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